Dubai New Year 2019: Best Ways to Welcome the New Year in Dubai

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2018 is coming to a close in just a few months’ time. Before you start thinking about your resolutions for the New Year, it is important to plan how you are going to welcome 2019. If holidaying in a new city seems to be a good idea, there is no better place than Dubai to celebrate New Year. This Emirate city is a favourite for people from around the world when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Moreover, it is during this time that city hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival. Therefore, it is one more reason to visit Dubai to enjoy its New Year celebrations.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai

Dubai does not do anything half-heartedly, and this stands true for its New Year’s celebrations too. Right from mind-blowing fireworks to amazing live concerts and splendid parties, there is a lot to do in Dubai during the New Year. Let us look at some of the best ways of enjoying the last day of 2018 in Dubai.

Fireworks Galore

New Year Fire work in Burj Khalifa images

New Year Fire work in Burj Khalifa

One of the first things that come to mind when one things of New Year in Dubai is the sparkling fireworks. Dubai’s dazzling fireworks are so famous that the entire world watches them on TV. So, if you are in Dubai, this is something you should not miss. On the other hand, it is difficult to miss the fireworks as there are several of them happening at midnight, at different locations in the city. One of the most popular one is the fireworks of Burj Khalifa. As the clock strikes 12, the tallest building in the world displays some of the most amazing and creative fireworks that you have ever seen. However, to get a good view, arrive early to get a good spot. Some other New Year fireworks that you can watch in Dubai happen at Atlantis the Hotel and the Burj Al Arab. One of the best ways to enjoy these fireworks is to go for the parties organized at these hotels.

Exciting New Year Parties

New Year Prepartion at Caballi Club

New Year Preparation at Caballi Club

Are you a party person and would not be satisfied with only waiting for hours just to watch the fireworks? If yes, Dubai would not disappoint you! In fact, the city offers myriads of New Year parties, available at every nook and cranny of the city. Be it yachts, clubs, restaurants, rooftops or even beaches, you would be spoilt for choice when it comes to New Year’s eve parties in Dubai. Most of these parties offer amazing live entertainment (celebrities from all over the world are invited to Dubai for performances), party music and the most delicious food (prepared by Michelin star chefs). Some of the most popular New Year parties are held at Caballi Club, Barasati, Zero Gravity, Nikki Beach, Bahri Bar, Nasimi Beach, etc. Most of these places are ideal for viewing some of the popular fireworks of the city.

Enjoy Dubai Desert Safari New Year Party

New Year Party at Dubai Desert Safari

New Year Party at Dubai Desert Safari

If you want to be away from the chaos and mad rush traffic of the city on New Year’s Eve, you can escape into the vast desert of the place with a desert safari New Year party. The New Year’s Eve desert safari promises lot of adventure, entertainment and good food. It begins in the early evening and gives you the chance to indulge in dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, etc. At the desert camp, you can get your hands or legs painted with a henna tattoo, click pictures wearing the traditional dress of the Arabs and hold a falcon on your wrist. As the sun sets, you can try a shisha and watch marvellous performances by belly dancers and Tanoura dancers. This is followed by dinner and live entertainment until midnight. Most desert safaris have fireworks and cake cutting at midnight. After this, you are free to retire to your tents for a good night’s sleep or lounge around the bonfire to enjoy the desert at night, with a cup of delicious Arabic coffee. This also gives you the chance to see the glorious sunrise in the desert.

Dhow Cruise Marina New Year Party

Dhow Cruise New Year Party

Dhow Cruise New Year Party

If you do not want to be a part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city but still want to witness it from a distance, going on a dhow cruise on Dubai Marina would be perfect. You would be able to cruise in a traditional dhow while enjoying the beautiful sights along the Dubai Marina. The dhow cruise includes a scrumptious dinner, unlimited soft drinks and alcohol (if you choose a package that offers this), live entertainment, Tanoura dance performance, etc. There would also be a DJ on board, giving you the chance to dance your way to midnight. Moreover, when the clock strikes 12, you would be able to watch the beautiful fireworks that decorate the city’s skyline. This is one of the best ways of welcoming New Year in Dubai on a dhow cruise .

Quiet Dinner at a Restaurant

New Year Dinner at At mosphere Burj Khalifa

New Year Dinner at At mosphere Burj Khalifa

You may want to welcome the New Year in style but not amidst a deafening crowd. In this case, a quiet dinner with your family or friends, at one of the best restaurants in Dubai would be ideal for you. Most of the fine dining restaurants open its doors for people who want to have a hearty meal and at the same time have a good time too. These restaurants offer packages, which include five to seven courses meal along with live entertainment by well-known artists. Some of the restaurants which are known for their amazing New Year dinner parties include Basta!, At.mosphere, Fish Beach Taverna, Beluga, Asado, etc. It would be best to choose one that suits your budget and requirement. However, make your reservations in advance so that you get to dine at a restaurant of your choice on the 31st of December.

Beach Picnics

If the New Year partying scene in Dubai seems to be too overwhelming for you, a beach picnic may seem interesting. Dubai has several open beaches where you can lounge with your family or friends and have a low-key celebration. You can either get your own food or order some from the several restaurants and cafes found at most beaches. Some of the beaches offer great vantage point to watch the awe-inspiring fireworks. The Umm Al Sequim Beach or the Sunset Beach is said to be a favourite amongst people looking forward to a beach picnic on New Year’s Eve. Not only would you be able to witness the last sunset of the year but would also be able to see the fireworks at Burj Khalifa, Hotel Atlantis and Burj Al Arab. However, remember to arrive early (in the afternoon) if you want to secure a good spot at the beach. As parking could be an issue, make sure you wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk back easily before and after the celebrations.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai, you are sure to have a memorable time. Now, all you have to do is get your Dubai or UAE visa and plan an amazing New Year holiday in this Emirate city.

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