October 6, 2022
Travel to Dubai

Find all the answers to make your Dubai Trip Budget Friendly

Who wants to save money while travelling places?

Oh, we know lots of hands are going up saying, “Me! Me! Me!”

And when it’s Dubai, we know it’s natural to believe that the expedition is going to be expensive. Listing down all the high-cost cities in the world along with London, Tokyo and New York, we have got Dubai taking a major place.  After all, you are going to the city of world’s tallest building, five star hotels, luxurious cruises and dramatic skyscraper- it has to cost a bomb.

So, does that mean anyone travelling on budget could not afford Dubai and its lavish stay? We have faced such challenges and we love handling them with our practical and wise tips.

To compete with this level of luxury in the budget, walk down this road-

Get budget plane tickets-

The first thing is the price you are paying for flight tickets. It’s every year, a time, that you get super discounts and offers on the tickets. Also, if you can’t wait for that day, there are low-budget airlines. Follow their prices and react with booking when you feel the price suits your budget.

Travel to Dubai
                                                                       Dubai Airplane Ticket

Crack the Groupon-

Groupon may not be available in many cities and countries as in previous days, but in UAE it’s still a big thing. You can regularly find tons of coupons, 2-for-1 vouchers and deals in the city. So, before you rush into any restaurants, attractions, hotels and more, research into Groupon. We are sure you can find relatable discounts and offers to go with your plan.

Coupons on Groupon
                                                                               Use Groupon Coupons

Buy the Entertainer-

The Entertainer is a worldwide running magazine that offers discounts, specials and coupons on the local restaurants, attractions, clubs, theme parks and hotels. “Buy one, get one free” are one of the favourite vouchers inside. You can get a copy of it in any bookstore, or find it online.

The Entertainer Magazine
                                                           The Entertainer Magazine for Discounts

Find cheap food-

Apart from ravishing restaurants spread all across the city, step inside the cafes and smaller brunch eatery. These are fairly good in prices as well as food. At cafes, you can get countless menu of food and also extras like pickles, olives and bread that are plenty to keep your stomach full. On Friday, there are unlimited buffet of drinks and meals for every one. Options like tenth Street, Warehouse, and Rock Bottom serve you delicious food on that table without drying your bank.

Food in Budget in Dubai
                                                                       Affordable Food in Dubai

Choose villas over hotels-

Dubai is a gorgeous place with astounding 5-star hotels. The glamour of city talks a lot about these prestigious hotels and motels. But, you know what’s the better deal? Villas or apartments! Opened in larger space, these areas are available for self-catering and are cheap and cheerful. You get a fully equipped kitchen for your own-self, where you can dominate the cooking and bake your favourites.

Villa for Stay in Dubai
                                                                            Villas over Hotels

Get into a taxi

Well, you want to travel in comfort and affluence, and the first thought would be let’s go for renting a car. That’s where you can gulp half of your budget. And hiring a car would not make sense because the traffic in the city isn’t crazy at all. And this makes taxis way too affordable and comfortable for your trip.

In case, you are a loner traveller/ single expat, think nothing and pick carpooling. Just plop back and enjoy the scenic views of Dubai.

Transport in Dubai
                                                                  Mode of Travel in Dubai

Do smart shopping-

When you are in a city of luxury, staying away from shopping is  impossible. But instead of gazing aimlessly on the expensive outfits in the fancy malls, reach the smaller shoppers. Don’t let your shopping spree to dull, just turn from the malls and shop at markets. With little bargaining, you can save big on exquisite products. You can take advantage of duty free shopping at airports, research at Gold Souks and buy from Old Dubai.

Shopping in Gold Souks
                                                                           Shop in Local Markets

Take a Metro-

Dubai has got cheap transportation sorted with the launch of metros. You can get your tickets at 8AED and fall to places like Marina, Old Dubai, and Airports. The perks of travelling in clean and fast Metros is the desirable view of the emirate throughout the journey.

Metro in Dubai
                                                       Dubai Metro for an easy transportation

Be a part of happy hour-

If alcohol is something you preach, these happy hours are made for you. From 29AED at McGettigan to 100 AED at Agency, there are special drinks, wines and beers to keep you happy, peppy and zippy.

Happy Hours in Dubai
                                                                                Happy Hours in Dubai

Grab the package deals-

Since Dubai has now been considered among the top 10 tourist spots in the world, there are plenty of entertainment to attraction options popping up. The catch is to find a good deal with flights and hotels combo, hotels and theme parks combo, or 2-days Dubai travel itinerary.

Now you know Dubai doesn’t have to bust your budget. Simple adjustments and few information can make your Dubai’s trip memorable and precious.

Try these awesome tips and your wallet will thank you!

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