December 3, 2023
Dubai Fireworks NYE

Where to witness the best fireworks display in Dubai on NYE

Dubai’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are considered to be legendary and remain to be the prime highlight of the year to come. There are many places in Dubai where you can witness this magic. We have listed some of the top spots to catch this grand firework display in Dubai.

1) Burj Khalifa Fireworks in Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa Fireworks dubai

Every New Year’s Eve is a spectacle in itself and better and grander than last time. The audiences are always in awe of the captivating laser & light show witnessed in the heart of Dubai City.

 Where to observe it?

  • Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Fountain

The base of the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Fountain gives you the best access to witness the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the UAE. Several people line up a minimum of six hours before to catch hold of the best seat in the house. You can also make a booking at one of the waterfront restaurants in the neighborhood where you can witness the magic. But prior reservation is a necessity, as the rush intensifies as the clock moves towards 12. Also, the roads are restricted to keep tight control of the inflowing and outgoing crowd in the area. The best part is that you can witness all this for absolutely no cost, but booking at restaurants would be charged.

  • Souk Al Bahar

Cross the bridge opposite the Dubai Mall, and you will reach Souk Al Bahar, a modern dining and lifestyle destination that houses an array of restaurants providing you with a clear view of the mighty Burj Khalifa celebrations. Prior booking here is also required.

  • Burj Plaza

Downtown, you will find an open-air space at Burj Plaza, where you can witness the magical celebrations. Many families and visitors gather here to witness the magic of the grand fireworks. There are no charges associated with accessing any viewing spot.

2) Burj Al Arab Fireworks at Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab

One of the grand fireworks displays that can give stiff competition to the Burj Khalifa show, the Burj Al Arab is something you can witness if you are not able to view the Burj Khalifa celebrations.

 Where to witness the celebrations

  • Kite Beach or the Jumeirah Beach

Come New Year’s Eve, the beach stretch of Dubai will be packed to see the magical experience of the grand fireworks. Carry your meal, book a picnic spot, and carry a blanket, and you are all set to go. The rush here also intensifies towards the latter half of the 31st, so reaching here before sunset is recommended. There are a wide variety of shacks and cafes on Kite Beach, where you can grab a quick bite during the show. There is no fee charged to witness the grand celebrations.

  • Madinat Jumeirah

The Madinat Jumeirah is a modern version of the traditional souks in Dubai. Placed in the neighborhood of the Burj Al Arab and packed with an array of lounges, restaurants, and plenty of open spaces, here you have unlimited options to choose from to catch the best seat in the house. The beach provides free access, but the booking of the restaurants will incur some charges.

  • Black Palace Beach

This beach is a secret location in Dubai located behind the Knowledge Village and gives you a captivating view of the gorgeous Burj Al Arab and its grand fireworks. This is one of the rare places from where you can also view the Atlantis fireworks at the same time for free.

3) Atlantis Fireworks at the Palm Jumeirah

The man-made island is one of the hot spots on New Year’s Eve. All thanks to the legendary fireworks and laser show on display to its audience.

Where to witness the celebrations

  • The Atlantis at the Palm

Seeing the fireworks from the source is an experience in itself. Reserve a room at the Atlantis Resort or book a table at the Royal Gala to catch the front seat in the house.

  • Palm Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts

There are an array of hotels and resorts placed on the Palm Islands, like Kempinski, Rixos, Anantara, Waldorf Astoria, Jumeirah Zabeel, and Saray. Each of these luxurious hotels and resorts has prime spots to witness the spectacular show.

  • Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk

The boardwalk along the Palm Jumeirah stretches for 11km and is one of the hot spots for witnessing the action. The crowd is immense, and they come over to see the magic. Do arrive early, as The Palm restricts the inflow of traffic on New Year’s Eve. Access here is free.

4) Other spots to witness the sensational fireworks display

Dubai Beach Fireworks on new year

  • Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai is hosting its own fireworks show over the captivating canal and bridge to welcome the new year in grand style. If you are looking to avoid crowds, then this is the place to be, as other locations do get crowded very easily and very fast. The fireworks will be hosted at Dubai Parks and Resorts, where entry is free. You can also witness these vibrant and colorful displays from the Outlet Village.

  • Global Village

The grand fireworks display intensifies over a period of one minute and is in sync with all the fireworks across the city. The Global Village hosts these fireworks with exclusive discounts on the New Year’s Eve packages for its visitors. The Arabian Ranches and Al Barari are some of the favorite spots to witness the celebrations.

  • Dubai Festival City

The NYE celebrations kick off in grand style at the Dubai Festival City. IMAGINE is a Guinness World Record-holding attraction at the Dubai Festival City Mall that illuminates the skyline with four grand fireworks displays at 9 pm, 10 pm, 11 pm, and finally, when the clock strikes midnight. It may not be as grand as the other fireworks, but is an experience in itself.

The NYE celebrations in Dubai are a symbol of the opulent and luxurious cosmopolitan nature of Dubai. These synchronized fireworks are vibrant, colorful, and expensive, but nothing is charged to the end customer for viewing this magical celebration.


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