September 25, 2023

Confused when you should travel to Dubai? Here’s all you need to know

Are you the one who visits the place according to seasons? Or are you among those who just visit the place according to convenience? For traveling it is important to see the weather of your planned destination before you take on your trips.

When it comes to Dubai the best time to visit this most touted tourist place is from November to February. It is the time that will make your trip worthwhile. The weather conditions here are just as suitable for you to enjoy your vacation with your loved ones. During this time Dubai is flocked with tourists who wish to welcome New Year among the glitz and glam of this place.

Dubai is genuinely a playground for people seeking beauty, fun, and adventure. If you are looking for a celebration then everything and anything is possible in the heartland of UAE (United Arab Emirates), i.e. Dubai.

If you are confused about when and where to go in Dubai. We are here with a weather calendar of Dubai, to ease your decision.

The right and soothing time to visit Dubai is during winter, i.e. from November to February. The temperature fluctuates between 17°C to 30°C. The perk of visiting Dubai during these months is that the atmosphere is pleasing. And during summer the weather is hot and humid.


This is the time when winter relieves the city from the scorching heat. The temperature is comforting and makes the evening chilly. Although in January the sun peeps and makes the afternoons humid, the climate is still the best to visit Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai:

Dubai is full of events during this time of the year. Dubai Design Week, Dubai International Festival, Dubai Shopping Festival, The Dubai Sevens, DP World Tour Championship, New year’s celebrations, etc. are some of the major events that take place during this time. On 2nd December, the city celebrates independence day as on this day Emirates got independence from Britain.

Dubai Design Week:

It is the world’s biggest creative event. The first event took place in 2015, then the journey continued. It takes place annually at venues across the city. The main hub for the event is Dubai Design District. The programs like talks, exhibitions, workshops, etc. attract around 90 thousand visitors every year. The event is free to attend. The event represents the creativity and talent of the creative community in Dubai and the UAE.

Dubai Shopping Festival:

Dubai Shopping Festival is a month-long annual shopping festival that happens in Dubai. During the festival, the shops put heavy discounts on their products and merchandise, and people also get offers to win gold and cars. From big cars to small accessories, you will get everything at the shopping festival. The reason behind establishing the grand shopping festival was to increase the retail trade industry in Dubai, as a result, it became one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai.

Many activities and live shows happen during the Dubai Shopping Festival. The best part of the shopping festival is the fireworks that are immensely beautiful to watch. The first festival that took place was in 1996. Be it the longest chain or the longest sofa there have been multiple records set during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Sevens:

It is the annual event that takes place in The Seven Stadium. The first event took place in 2008. The event is termed the longest-running event in the Middle east. The Dubai Sevens has four competitions every year, which are as follows:

1- World Rugby Seven Series

2- World Rugby Women’s Seven Series

3- Rugby Invitation tournament

4- Netball Invitation Tournament

DP World Tour Championship:

The DP World Tour Championship is a golf tournament. The event takes place in the month of November. The event is contested on the Earth Course at the Jumeirah Golf Estate.

New Year Celebration:

The New Year is celebrated as a grand affair in Dubai. Whether you are a party animal or want to celebrate the new year in peace, Dubai offers both to you. Watching the fireworks, attending the New year parties happening at different places in the city, listening to opera, sailing on dhow cruises, and enjoying a desert safari are some of the major things you can do to celebrate the upcoming year.

New Year Celebration in Dhow cruise
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Best Places to Visit from November to February

 Burj Khalifa:


Dubai is best known for its skyscrapers, and Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world. It is around 2,717 feet tall and consists of 219 floors. The most pleasant activity one could do from Burj Khalifa is watching the sunset. Burj Khalifa has two observation decks, one on the 124th floor and the second on the 148th floor. Witnessing Dubai with a bird’s eye view is something you dream of, and Burj Khalifa fulfills this dream.

Visiting Beaches:

Jumeirah Beach

There are many beaches in Dubai and winter is the best time to visit them. Walking on the beach with chilly winds will give you a pleasant smile on your face. Walking on the beach is something you can’t imagine during summers. Kite Beach is one of the major tourist attractions during winter whereas other beaches are Jumeirah Beach Park, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Marina Beach, and many more.

 Dhow Cruises:

Dhow Cruise

The experience of exploring the city while chilling on a river will make your day in Dubai. Dhows are wooden boats that were used by locals for fishing but now they are the top luxury cruises. The cruise offers many entertainment options be it DJ, live performances, and dance. The major highlight of the place is traditional Arabic coffee “Kahwah”. Now imagine having coffee in the middle of the water with chilly winds! Sounds good? Dhow cruises will turn your imagination into reality.

 Why visit Dubai during this season?

 The season allows having fun outdoors without getting heated in the sun. The time allows you to explore more and more iconic places in Dubai. Moreover, you must take care that the evenings get chilly, so keep in mind to have warm clothes. Dubai mainly has two seasons: Summer and Winter. The season of winter has a lot of crowds. There is also a rainy season but it never lasts long so it barely counts. This is the time when the city is at its most vibrant and you see the best and the real part of the city.


Make sure to book your hotel prior as they are more expensive during this season. Got all the information? Now, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and have an amazing trip to Dubai! Make sure to make this trip worth it.



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