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Get to Know about the ways to Celebrate your New Year’s Eve on Dubai Marina

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No destination matches the extravagance of Dubai. The impact of this statement can be witnessed when Dubai is in the fervor of celebrations. Be it any grand festival or event, Dubai makes sure that it does not leave any stones unturned. New Year’s Eve in Dubai is one such occasion which happens to be one of the most anticipated events in Dubai. People from around the world flock to Dubai to watch the city shimmer and glow in illuminations and enjoy the recreational leisure it offers specifically during the year-end. Among many hotspots in Dubai, one that particularly stands out for mega New Year celebrations is the classy Dubai Marina precinct. If you are in Dubai to ring in the New Year, then Dubai Marina is the perfect place to visit. Here are our top 5 experiences you can enjoy at Dubai Marina on New Year’s Eve.

1.New Year Fireworks

Celebrate New Year in Dubai
                                                                            New Year Fireworks

Dubai’s New Year celebrations are popular for their fireworks and you can witness them in prime spots throughout the city. From Dubai Marina, you can watch the fireworks surrounding the whole precinct on the last eve of the year which is absolutely outstanding. The extravagant spectacle lights up the harbour front and illuminates the skies in vibrant sparkles. This visual splendour is one of the most marvellous views of Dubai you will remember for a long time.

2.Beach Parties and Carnivals

New Year Beach Party in Dubai
                                                                      New year Beach Parties

Dubai Marina is the happening spot for mid-night parties and live entertainment. On New Year’s Eve, the festive flair sets the ambiance abuzz with excitement. Dubai Marina plays host to numerous artists and talents of the music and entertainment industry on New Year’s Eve. For party lovers and beach goers, Dubai Marina sets up the perfect vibe to get into the trance and dance the night away amid electrifying ambiance. Dubai Marina plans some high-verved beach parties and lively carnivals on New Year’s Eve. Check out Barasti Beach Bar, Zero Gravity and other beach pop-up parties at posh hotels during New Year’s Eve for an entrancing time in Dubai.

3.Fine dining experiences 

Fine Dining on new year
                                                                       Fine Dine on New Years Eve

Not so keen on joining the crowd on New Year’s Eve? For those looking for a calm yet exciting evening on New Year’s Eve in Dubai, head to one of the elegant restaurants for an enriching fine dining experience. A roof-top dining venue will be the best choice if you want to enjoy the stellar views of glittering Dubai Marina and the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Observatory Bar and Grill is one of the finest options for stunning food and city view experiences. You can also raise a toast to the brand New Year while dining at an assortment of uptown restaurants along the harbour front. The menus are specially curated for New Year festivities and there are lots of offers and gala dinners going on during New Year’s Eve. Take advantage of these deals and enjoy a night savouring some of the best international gourmet cuisines with near and dear ones.

4.Dhow Cruise with Dinner Experience 

Dhow Cruise with Dinner
                                                           Celebrate New Year on Dhow Cruise

Other than Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina is the only place where you can enjoy a Dhow cruise experience. Come New Year’s Eve and the dhow cruise experience is enhanced to a marvellous night spend amid glittering fireworks, dazzling entertainment and eclectic dining experience onboard the traditional boat. Meander through the canal, viewing the scenic vistas of the Dubai Marina skyline reflecting on the rippled waters. The celebration starts with live traditional entertainment and welcome drinks onboard the decked up Arabian Dhow cruise. Relish a grand buffet dinner teeming with an assortment of mouthwatering dishes, New Year treats and unlimited refreshments and enjoy iridescent beauty of Dubai Marina until the count down to the New Year.

5.Luxury Yacht experience 

Yacht in Dubai
                                                                                Celebrate on a Yacht

While Dhow Cruise experience has its own charms, Dubai Marina is famous for its classy flair and sophistication. Get a taste of the luxe life on board a luxury yacht cruise on New Year’s Eve. Set sail on a stylish yacht for a two to three-hour-long cruise on the Dubai Marina and take in the beautiful views of the waterfront and the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.  Glide past iconic architectural marvels of Dubai Marina, relax on spacious decks with the gentle breeze on your face and treat yourself to 5-star hospitality from personalized crew. Take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy red carpet welcome and impeccable services along with a scrumptious spread of gourmet cuisine and a view worth remembering along with friends and family.

Dubai at night is stunning to view and during New Year’s Eve, the grandeur heightens as the city comes alive with firework spectacles. Fireworks, festivities, parties and grand dinners – all of these become an extravagant affair during New Year celebrations. While the city puts its best glamourous side for its visitor, Dubai Marina keeps itself in the wraps of its own stylish aura. Dubai Marina is one place where you can enjoy a slice of every grand celebration in Dubai yet get the feel of not getting pulled into an overwhelming setting of Dubai’s celebrations. So for your next New Year’s Eve getaway, look no further. Plan your trip in advance to the most opulent district of Dubai – Dubai Marina.

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