September 25, 2023
Global Village Fire Crackers

Global Village – Celebrate spectacular New Year’s Eve 

Being in Dubai and welcoming the New Year is a dream come true for many people as a New Year party in Dubai promises to be a grand affair. If you wish to celebrate New Year’s eve and have an unforgettable and spectacular time, head out to Global Village.

Global Village Dubai combines cultures of almost 90 countries and claims to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment project. Located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, it is the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family, and shopping destination. Every year, it has over 5 million visitors. What makes it so popular?

Global Village is a huge, multicultural theme park with so much to see and do at its 26 global pavilions, along with cultural shows, carnival rides, street food stands, the region’s first oddity museum, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and more.

Global Pavilions

You will find the pavilions bringing cultures from around the world together. Each participating nation has its pavilion and every pavilion exhibits iconic architectural landmarks of that country. The glimpse of monumental displays and cultural displays at each pavilion gives you an insight into that nation. The pavilions offer a complete experience of the culture, food, marketplace, and much more of that particular country. So taste the culinary specialty of the different countries. Browse the handicraft and crafts sections and purchase unique gifts and souvenirs. Discover different parts of the world in just a few hours.

Global Village Pavilions

Daily shows

With kids’ shows featuring favorite characters, traditional and cultural performances, international street entertainment, etc. there are plenty of family-friendly and child-friendly daily shows at the Global Village.  Enjoy dazzling stage performances and live shows that are specially made for the occasion. The crazy car stunt shows will take your breath away. Dazzling fireworks and fountain shows are show stealers. Watch the street performances and star-studded concerts. Enjoy the lively atmosphere created by parades and shows.

Global Village Shows

Carnaval area

Carnaval is a family fun-fair park at Global Village that has something for everyone. There are thrill rides, family rides, and skill games lined up for people of all ages. Children and young adults will spend hours here engrossed in the games or rides. There are some extreme rides like Athen’s Slingshot, Fly France, Global Burj, etc. Some of the family rides for the younger members are New York Jump, Miami Surf, Mumbai Express, etc. You can even visit a haunted house and spend a few enjoyable hours there.

Global Village Carnival


One of the best features of the Global Village is the chance to sample foods from around the globe. Each stall is more tantalizing than the other, with mouth-watering choices to keep even the most demanding eaters happy. Food vendors are found at every corner and sell everything from hot corn in a cup and roasted chestnuts to freshly prepared crepes, pasta, and kebabs. Food from Uzbekistan, Thailand, Lebanon, Turkey, India, etc. are all favorites of the visitors. Be brave and try some new food.

Global Village Food Options

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

The Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum is one of the most popular destinations here and has been visited by millions. The museum is known for celebrating life’s weirdest and most wonderful attractions. The six separate museum galleries at the Ripley’s Museum have exhibits and interactive experiences for anyone who wants to see the extraordinary. Explore the Marvelous Mirror Maze and take some amazing selfies. Stare in astonishment at the giant prehistoric shark jaw or the world’s only fully wooden, roadworthy Ferrari. Or else, you can also indulge in interactive games here.


If shopping is your passion then you can shop to your heart’s content at over 3500 retail outlets lined up at the Global Village. Explore bazaars from across the world. Every pavilion has its unique boutiques. You will find the most stylish fashion items and coveted beauty products from around the world here. Haggling and bargaining are an enjoyable part of the shopping experience. Some of the must-have items like Moroccan shoes, shea and cocoa butter from the African souks, handmade bags from Bosnia, etc. are also fast selling products.

Global Village Shopping

Ladies’ and families’ days

The region’s first family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, the Global Village, has a special family day each week. Mondays are the special family days at the Global Village and single men are not allowed. Ladies can freely enjoy a shopping day on their own. Young students too are here in their groups to have a good time. This has increased the comfort and conveniences of families during their visits.


Global Village celebrated its silver jubilee in 2020 and season 2021-22 promises to be even better. Visit the pavilions, take a ride on some of the best rides, fill up on the tastiest dishes, watch some shows, and do some shopping. Could there be a better and spectacular way to spend New Year’s eve?


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