Uncovering the best of Dubai during the off-season

The glitzy and glamorous world of Dubai is never short of surprises no matter which season you are visiting the Emirate. With rock bottom prices, discounted rates for hotels, and whole new attractions to explore, Dubai continues to woo the audience each time. The months between July and August each year is probably the best time to travel to Dubai. The overall cost to travel to Dubai and enjoy a fabulous holiday is very less as compared to the peak season. There is so much to explore in this beautiful emirate such that everybody dreams to plan a trip to Dubai. Continue reading

Things to do in dubai for couples

Honeymoon Hotspots in Dubai

The honeymoon is a perfect time for displaying your love, care, tenderness, and intimacy towards your partner. After hectic wedding formalities are over, everybody deserves an exotic destination that will help them unwind themselves and know each other better. Dubai is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations that features plenty of exotic destinations that flaunts ideal winter conditions, state-of-the-art architecture, serene beaches, gigantic shopping malls, and an array of romantic sites that will seize the moments for you on your honeymoon. From opulent desert safaris to palatial spa suites, we bring you the best honeymoon hotspots in Dubai that you should look forward to during your second innings. Continue reading

New Year Party in Dubai

Places to Celebrate Budget New Year 2022 in Dubai

Dubai’s extraordinary New Year’s Eve is a crowd-puller. As the countdown gets closer and the clock strikes 12, the city drowns in celebrations, bonanazas and festivities. People from different backgrounds gather to hail and usher in the new year with joy and prosperity.

You would know that Dubai has the fame of being a rich brat in the world and lately been challenging the other cities in terms of opulence and luxury. Thus, the travellers on a budget or backpackers reconsider the plan to this city often, especially during the year-end holiday when millions of travellers gather and the prices of the tours sky-rocket. Continue reading

Best Fireworks in Dubai

Places that you can go to for Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai

If you wish to celebrate the New Year in style, there is no better place than the splendid Dubai. Dubai, with its extravagant arrangements is a place that can accommodate millions of visitors every year. The dazzle, performance, live bands, celebrities bring an unparalleled aura to the parties which cannot be matched by any other host. With a grand display of fireworks that becomes the talk of the town every passing year, it is time you ring in the New Year in the city of sand for a never before experience. Continue reading

Do's and Don'ts in Dubai

There are a few things which you should keep in mind when travelling to Dubai

New place, new rules and new customs. Keep a check on your activities with these 12 handy do’s and don’ts in Dubai that lets you travel like a free bird.

Did you know dancing in public is considered provocative in the emirate, or cross-dressing isn’t acceptable, or pointing finger to someone is an offensive gesture here? An Islamic city with roughly 85% foreign population, Dubai has certain rules and traditions that must be followed when you are in the regime. Its jaw-dropping skyline, delicious cuisine and No.1 entertainment options invite millions of visitors every year, and one of the reasons to travel here is experiencing an Arab lifestyle. Continue reading

What to eat in Dubai

Mouth watering Street Food in Dubai that you shouldn’t miss

Dubai is popular for many things. Its high rises, unique buildings, enormous malls, picturesque beaches, amazing desert, thrilling theme parks and great shopping experiences are some of the things that attract people to Dubai. Apart from all this, it also offers a vast range of cuisines. You would find restaurants from almost all the countries around the world here, making the food scene in Dubai even more interesting. However, when you are visiting a new city or country, you have to take time to explore the local food scene, and Dubai is home to some amazing street food. Let us check out the best street food of Dubai. Continue reading

Events in Dubai

The Biggest Annual Events in Dubai that you Must Travel To!

Dubai is one prized city in the world. The survey website Statista shows, Dubai is the fourth most visited city destination worldwide. No doubt, Dubai has breathtaking attractions, but one of the aggressive factors to drive these many tourists to this captivating emirate is ‘events’. The goal of Dubai is certainly ambitious and thus they plan the best events to help you explore the extraordinary vacation.

They have got versatile festive, events and functions going on around the year to treat people for all kinds of fun- entertainment, music, food, adventure and sports. Continue reading

Travel to Dubai

Find all the answers to make your Dubai Trip Budget Friendly

Who wants to save money while travelling places?

Oh, we know lots of hands are going up saying, “Me! Me! Me!”

And when it’s Dubai, we know it’s natural to believe that the expedition is going to be expensive. Listing down all the high-cost cities in the world along with London, Tokyo and New York, we have got Dubai taking a major place.  After all, you are going to the city of world’s tallest building, five star hotels, luxurious cruises and dramatic skyscraper- it has to cost a bomb.

So, does that mean anyone travelling on budget could not afford Dubai and its lavish stay? We have faced such challenges and we love handling them with our practical and wise tips. Continue reading

New Year Celebration Dubai

A complete guide to what things can be done when travelling to Dubai in December

The Winter season is probably the best time to visit Dubai. There are so many things to indulge in that you may be spoilt for choices. With the weather just the ideal to explore every corner of Dubai at any time of the day or night. One can quickly create their own memories while visiting Dubai in December. Be it strolling aimlessly among the tall skyscrapers, indulging in some lazy adventures on the beach or experiencing some adventure off-road on the desert or on water or even fulfilling your shopping thirst at the Dubai Shopping Festival 2021-22, Dubai is a modern city that is waiting to be uncovered. We have collated a list of events and things that happen in December that will help you make your trip to Dubai a lifetime event. Continue reading