December 3, 2022
New Year Party in Dubai

Places to Celebrate Budget New Year 2022 in Dubai

Dubai’s extraordinary New Year’s Eve is a crowd-puller. As the countdown gets closer and the clock strikes 12, the city drowns in celebrations, bonanazas and festivities. People from different backgrounds gather to hail and usher in the new year with joy and prosperity.

You would know that Dubai has the fame of being a rich brat in the world and lately been challenging the other cities in terms of opulence and luxury. Thus, the travellers on a budget or backpackers reconsider the plan to this city often, especially during the year-end holiday when millions of travellers gather and the prices of the tours sky-rocket.

But here is the behind-the-scene secret. Dubai has plans that get everyone covered with its budget to FREE attractions in the grand affair of New Year 2021. Here is the list-

1. Watch the Spectacular Fireworks

Madinat Jumeirah Fireworks Dubai
                                                                Madinat Jumeirah Fireworks

The trademark of the New Year’s Eve is the array of dazzling fireworks at vantage points. From the world’s tallest building to the artificial archipelago, the places are lit with colours and explosions. Here is the charm- you do not have to spend even a dirham to witness the magic in the sky.

Landmarks with free access are-

  • Burj Khalifa – The legendary structure is itself a priceless discovery, plus the bursts of colourful lights across the skyline, make it enchanting. You can’t find a preferable option than looking up to the awe-inspiring celebration from mere footsteps of Burj Khalifa. A sea of people gather near the Dubai Fountain and experience the fireworks shoot into the air. This sightseeing is at no cost and this makes it exciting for everyone, from the spendthrift to the misers. And as a result, to avoid traffic and have the best seat in the city, come before the usual time.
  • Souk Al Bahr – Since there is limited access to the upper option, you can also stroll to the Souk Al Bahr, which is nestled just across the bridge from Dubai Mall. For comfort, book a table at one of the many restaurants dotting the place.
  • Burj Plaza – In the shadow of Burj Khalifa, the Plaza is an open-air terrace that serves restaurants, cafés, and gaming centres. Either reserve a table to savour the food as well as the splendid views or get a spot in the open area to observe the phenomenon.
  • Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk – The Palm Jumeirah is a palm-shaped archipelago which looks ecstatic on the NYE. To nab the unparalleled views of the fireworks across the area, reach the 11km boardwalk along the crescent. It is broad and long to accommodate a huge number of visitors. As you escalate to the Rixos-end of the crescent, you can catch the Burj Khalifa fireworks too.

The struggle could be real to find a place in such hordes of people gathered to gaze at the pyrotechnic display, but if you reach early, and get the front rows, spending time would be delightful

New Year 2022 Celebration in Dubai

2. Set a picnic on the Kite Beach

Burj Al Arab is the next big thing and second-best fireworks display in the city. The sail-shaped silhouette looks breathtaking as the fireworks fill the sky. Well, there are free places to observe this treat, but the perfect idea is to escape to the sand. The sandy coastline of Kite Beach is amazing for camping with your friends and family. So, take the picnic basket and bring in the new year in the beachy style.

3. Party all night at JBR Beach

Another beach to hit on the New Year’s extravaganza is the JBR Beach. This famous destination is brimming with thrilling activities and the high-spirited crowd. It attracts travellers on the shoestring budget. The party freaks arrive before midnight and stay till dawn, sometimes until the late morning. Besides boozing, there are live concerts, Zumba, fire acts, laser light show, extensive culinary scenes and everything else to unravel an unforgettable fun.

4. Sail in the dhow cruise

Sail in Dhow Cruise
                                                                         Dhow Cruise Marina

Nothing could beat the effervescence of cruising amidst Dubai’s’ staggering line of skyscrapers. There is Dhow Cruise Marina that would whisk you away to the world of innovative architecture, fancy malls, numerous fireworks and chirpy celebrations, while the Dhow Cruise Creek lands you in the Old Dubai which has a pleasant and traditional celebration. The dhow is staged and embellished like a palace which arranges the live entertainment, sumptuous buffet and uninterrupted sightseeing. Accompanied by New Year cake and champagne, it is an outstanding way to say hello to 2022. And it is definitely cheaper than what would cost to charter the private yacht.

5. Visit Dubai Festival City Mall

If shopping is your style to unwind, then this mall is your ultimate hunt. From fashion to furniture, upgrade your wardrobe and home in the new year. There is a multitude of restaurants with city skyline views, including  Eataly, Peppermill, Big Fernand, and Semsom. The IMAGINE water and light show steals the limelight.

6. Have fun at Global Village

Global Village on New Year
                                                              Global Village on New Years Eve

With the minimal entrance fee, the Global village is the premium multicultural festival park. That means you would be celebrating the New year with people from China, Thailand, India, Russia, Pakistan and other countries. The shopping venues, street shows, live concerts, play zones, irresistible delicacies and the unbelievable fireworks combine to stage the best affordable NYE.

Hope we have helped you plan your New year 2022 in Dubai without blowing the bank.


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